Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Role of a Lifetime

In this hard time of life right now, trust is a huge factor in why I chose some people over others. I've learned that for most people, time is not a factor in life. I do believe in the theory of "Reason, Season and Lifetime". 
Reason- To help get you through a time or purpose. To teach a lesson of life that you might not otherwise have learned, and is pertinent for the rest of your life. Now, "Reason" might only be in your life for a very short time, a certain doctor who can heal your illness or wound or even a stranger you pass on the sidewalk who smiles at you and it brightens your day. "Reason" can also be in your life for a longer amount of time. They could be a boss who teaches you how to do your job better or more effectively so that you can promote to a better position. It could be that friend in 7th Grade who taught you to love with your whole heart, no matter how much it hurts inside. Whoever "Reason" is, learn from them what you need. God put them in front of you right now, or right at that time for a reason.
Season- This is a person who means just a bit more than "Reason". "Season" is the one who stood by you all through High School, but come graduation, you went your separate ways. You have great memories with Season, good times to recall on when reminiscing about your old glory days. Season can also be that friend who was there during a special or difficult time in your life. They were there for advice, a shoulder to cry on, to laugh with. Season was put in your life to teach you about who you are or who you are becoming. Season can be that old fling who taught you what you wanted from a relationship, and more importantly, what you wouldn't have in any future relationships. Season can be around for a short time, but is usually not. Season usually takes part in your life for at least 1 year. 
Lifetime- This is a person who is there through each and every season of life, and stays. Lifetime is a constant in your heart, but doesn't necessarily have to be a part of your daily life. Lifetime is the person that time doesn't have a factor for. Lifetime is a tried and true friend. Lifetime is also very rare. Lifetime is the one who you can go for months without talking to, and you pick up right where you left off, like not a day had passed. Lifetime is not one you have to question if the relationship is ok.
There is one other kind of person. I call them "Bubble". Bubble is a person who has somehow become all 3. They are not a constant part of your life, but have been in your life for the longest. They come in for a Reason every once in a while, and maybe they stay for a Season. At times they only come for a Reason and then they are gone again. Each Season they come back for teaches you a little more about yourself, and them as well. You grow as people together and apart. They Bubble up in your life as God sees fit for you. 

I have all of these kinds of people in my life. I have a couple of Bubbles, I have fewer Lifetimes some Seasons and a usually quite a few Reasons. And the truth is, just because someone starts out one way, doesn't always mean they they will stay there. It doesn't always mean that they stay, at all. But what it does mean, is that they brought something into your life. If a person coming into your life changes you at all, they become one of these people. Whether it be that stranger smiling at you as they walk past (Reason) or it's the best friend who you go to the ends of the earth and back with time and time again (Lifetime). 

The funny part of life, is that God doesn't usually tell us why some people stay and some people go. Why he closes the door on a relationship when we think that the person is the only thing in life we need. Or why that friend that is an on-going on again off again person in your life, always seems to be there at just the right moment. 

I have been blessed with that answer twice. Why, when all I thought I wanted to do was have that door wide open, and have that person in my life forever, God had another plan. He knew that I would end up hurt, more so than what I was when the relationship ended. He showed me that I would have just been one of many in a line of women who were tossed when he had better things to do. That person I wanted for my own, who for a time I thought he was, was only there to teach me about myself. And I did learn from him. I learned that I am beautiful and desirable and wanted, despite what I thought of myself. I learned to not compare myself to other women, because it has nothing to do with what I see in them but what he sees in me! I also learned that I deserve to be first choice. I don't deserve to be a secret or something kept hidden. I am lovable and I am meant to be shown off and praised. I learned that no matter how hard you pray for something, if God really doesn't want it to happen, it won't. He was my ultimate Reason who was a very big part of a Season. 

The other answer I got from God was that no matter the situation, God will always protect me from things meant for my harm. As deeply as I love and as hard as I fall, God's love is deeper and truer than any we can experience from another human. No matter how much I wanted the relationship to go on forever, God knew when it was supposed to end. He also knew that my heart could handle a Lifetime relationship that would never be together. He gave me everything good from himself, and as soon as he did, he was gone. I have an amazing and beautiful reminder of him on a daily basis. The very best of him, walking around and being all the good things that he or I could have ever imagined from ourselves. And recently, after my heart had healed and was no longer broken, God revealed to me exactly why He closed that door. I pray for him now, and can only ask God to show him the path that He has made for him. But I can also live now, knowing that he no longer holds a piece of me. And for that, I am blessed!

Do you have a Reason, Season or a Lifetime? Maybe you even have a Bubble?? We all usually have a few of each, but do you know who they are and what role they play in your life? My message to you is ask God to reveal Himself to you. To show you who is supposed to be in your life and for what role. Also, trust Him when He answers you. When He is closing that door, don't try to put your foot in the way to keep it from closing. He has a reason, and one day, He might show you. Trust in Him in ALL things! 

Proverbs 3:5-6 
       Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not into your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to Him,
and He will make your paths straight.

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