Sunday, January 25, 2015

In Case you foolishly forgot...

Happy New Year! So…did you miss us? Well, we certainly missed all of you.
It’s been a while since my last blog post- life literally became far too complicated for me to find adequate time to blog the way I wanted to blog. But, blah, blah right; we all get busy, and because of that, I plan on making it a point in 2015 to make more time for blogging and connecting with all of you.
 Lots of wonderful things have happened for me and my crew- the adoption of my 4 year old son is almost complete! I had surgery…boo! Work, mommy life, etc- which I thoroughly intend to put into words and share here, so look forward to many more post from both myself and Em.  
It’s a new year, and we hope you are all taking time for yourself, remembering to breathe through the storms, and enjoy every bit of the sun whenever possible. I have a TON of information to blog about, resources that I’ve found, and lots of fun stories and adventures to share. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs- I think you'll find them useful.
Health and Happiness to you all!

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